Bodegas Mureda – Castilla Dragora Syrah


Bodegas Mureda

La Mancha is the biggest wine growing area in the world.  South of Madrid on the plains that inspired Don Quixote, Bodegas is a large organic estate.  From a state of the art winery, come easy drinking pleasurable wines.

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100% organic Syrah.  A lovely Raspberry red, with violet hues, intense aromas of black berries with a touch of balsamic.  A full bodied wine with full black fruits in the mouth.


La Mancha, south of Madrid is the largest wine producing region in the world!

Bodegas Mureda is a young winery that has known how to fusion splendidly tradition and technology for the achievement of outstanding wines.

The winery is designed to produce small as well as big vinifications, having tanks up to 600.000 litres of capacity.

The state-of-the-art machinery has been designed to carry out several processes of elaboration which are not aggressive with the grapes. For example: to separate the grape from the sticks, pneumatic pressed …

Nearly 1.200 hectares of vineyards, which make up the lands of Mureda. This  beautiful area is considered the birthplace of the History of Spain. And where the great deeds of its most world-famous character, Don Quixote de la Mancha tool place.

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