Chateau Couronneau – AOC Bordeaux Supérieur Blanc Sec


Chateau Couronneau

This biodynamic estate, whilst better known for its excellent Merlot based reds, also produces a thrilling white of top quality. From both Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon Gris, the fermentation is carried out at low temperatures following a long maceration. This preserves all the freshness and concentration of fruit that will uplift all those that try it.

Gold Medal – International Organic Wine Awards 2017 (2016 vintage)

Recommended in the Evening Standard, ‘From the biodynamic estate of Château Couronneau, this fresh and lively blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon Gris has a good balance of citrus and sweet mango against a backdrop of flinty minerality. A long maceration and low-temperature fermentation keeps the flavours intense but never overdone.‘ Nuria Stylianou, May 2017 (2016 vintage)


Product Description

An AOC Bordeaux Supérieur blanc.  Mineral nuances, flint, a hint of cooked and candied fruit, a flattering wine, with cocoa notes on the palate, soft and agreeable.  A total pleasure.

Originally established way back in the 15th century, the imposing and impressive Château Couronneau comprises 38 hectares of vineyards, all certified for organic (Ecocert) and biodynamic (Demeter) wine production. The property itself lies just outside the small town of Ligueux to the south of Sainte-Foy-la-Grande and the Dordogne river. Located at the highest point in the local area at some 180 metres above sea-level, vines benefit from the clay/limestone soils with their ability to balance water retention with good drainage. The current owners, Christophe and Bénédicte Piat purchased the property back in 1994 with the intention of restoring the château to its former glory and to re-plant the vineyards and convert to organics. The organic certification was acheived in 1999 and by 2011 all vineyards were being cultivated according to biodynamic principles. Of the total vineyard holdings, 35 hectares are planted to Merlot and just 3 hectares to Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon Gris. Their meticulous work in the vineyards ensures excellence in each finished bottle. Harvesting is partly carried out by hand and partly by the latest generation of machines. Similar attention to detail is applied to all work in the cellar, marrying the best of traditional techniques with more contemporary practices. Strict selection of grapes, temperature control and gentle handling helps to ensure that the natural fruit expression is retained as much as possible. Quality oak barrels of varying sizes provide the perfect vessels for the 12 month or more maturation of the top red wines.

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This biodynamic estate, whilst better known for its excellent Merlot based reds, ...


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