Domaine de Brau – Ze Rosé


Chateau Brau

Bright reflections of grenadine pink. Flavours of sensuous flowers (peony) and fruit with white pulp (peaches) with just a touch of lemon. Freshness and generosity in the mouth give a certain vivacity and aromatic brightness.


Product Description

A rosé wine with plenty of substance. The Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes (50/50 blend) ripen fully in the southern French sun and the result is a wine with robust, juicy flavours.

Comprising 40 hectares of vines, this charming estate to the north of Carcassonne and backing on to the Montagnes Noires is owned and run by Gabriel & Wenny Tari. They have reorganised the vineyards so that they are now perfectly framed by the natural constraints of wild scrubland to the north and the river to the south. The soils are composed of calcareous sandstone and loamy – chalky marls limited in depth by sandstone rocks. The climate is essentially Mediterranean, moderated by the Atlantic influence. According to Gabriel & Wenny “organic farming is not just a matter of doing nothing and watching the weeds grow. It is also watching the weeds grow. And it is observing in order to try to understand.” The aim is to be custodians of a living soil, nourished by compost.

All vines have been organically certified since 1989. The vineyards comprise as many as 15 grape varieties – some more obscure and locally specialised such as Fer Servadou & Egiodola! With their mosaic of soils and their large family of grape varieties the Tari’s produce a wide range of wines including, Vins de France, IGP Pays’ d’Oc varietals as well as an excellent AOP Cabardes. The well-equipped cellar allows for detail, ensuring that all the careful handling and meticulous attention to dedication that is lavished on the grapes is reflected in the finished wines, allowing them to express perfectly their natural personalties.

Bright reflections of grenadine pink. Flavours of sensuous flowers (peony) and fruit ...


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